Full customs clearance support

Permits preparation
Legal support

Primary activities

Permits preparation

Permits preparation

Many years of practice and expertise in obtaining permits for import and export of different products into Kazakhstan and EAEU.

Assistance in getting: licenses, notifications, permits of Kazakhstan state bodies.Technical Regulation: EAC and national certificates and declarations. Export Control.

Full customs clearance support

Full customs clearance support

Full range of services in customs clearance: preparation of permits and other necessary documents, calculation of customs payments, filing customs declarations, representation at customs, communication with terminals, carriers and warehouses.

Special customs procedures: temporary import and export, Carnet ATA, reimport, reexport.

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation

Advisory services in Kazakhstan and EAEU customs law and customs practice. Audit of foreign trade operations, due diligence of commercial documents. Elaboration and implementation of appropriate import/export algorithms.

Minimization of customs payments. Determination of customs codes (HS and TNVED). Binding tariff rulings.

Import & Export

  Outsourcing of foreign economic activity

Foreign trade activity has always been a difficult field — participation in it requires certain knowledge and experience. We are ready to offer a unique solution: outsourcing of foreign economic activity.

We can fully take over foreign economic activity — from negotiations with a supplier to the sale of goods, or connect at the stage where you need help…

  Shipping services

China is the largest goods` manufacturer exporter, all countries cooperate with. Cargo`s transportation from China to Kazakhstan is going be in demand, so we as IFCG offers shipment services branched from China to Kazakhstan by road, air and railway.

If necessary, we can pick up the goods from shippers, consolidate a cargo at our warehouse and deliver them in one batch…

YEARS of trust and efficiency

Permits & Licenses

Notification of the NSC

The import on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), as well as the export from it of most goods with encryption functions, is carried out on the basis of notification.

Notification is an approved form of notice on technical and cryptographic characteristics of goods, submitted to the coordinating body and registered by it…

EAC Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of conformity is required for the import of goods, as well as for their circulation and use on the territory of the EAEU member countries.

Certificate is valid on the territory of all EAEU countries, regardless of the country in which it was issued…

25 000
RECEIVED PERMITS for customs clearance

IFCG Encyclopedia

After years of work in consulting and customs business IFCG experts have compiled and organized a huge amount of information in customs law and practice. With this Encyclopedia we would like to make this knowledge public.

The purpose of this Encyclopedia is to establish an ultimate knowledge base in all aspects related to international trade in EAEU. We are currently focused on matters closely related to key areas of our business:

  • EAEU customs law
    Collection of principal legal acts. Reviews and explanations of the legislation
  • Principal regulations in EAEU
    Non-tariff regulation. Technical regulation. Sanitary regulation
  • Financial maters and taxes
    Taxation, duties, fines and other financial matters in international trade